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Our experts have secured $1 billion and counting in funds for our clients over the last decade.

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We Provide Fast Business Funding to Companies in Many Industries:
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We Provide Fast Business Funding to Companies in Many Industries:

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We Offer an Array of

Business Loans & Alternative Financing Options

SBA Loans

SBA loans are guaranteed loans the Small Business Administration and provide generous term lengths.


Merchant Cash Advances

Our Merchant cash advances can give you a quicker and better option within 24 hours


Invoice Factoring

Factoring is an asset based lending procedure that gives your borrowing process an added element of flexibility. We offer it…


Business Lines of Credit

This type of small business loan will provide a set limit of funding for your business …



There are many options outside business credit cards and borrowing from family and friends. Are you seeking financing to operate or expand your business? Below are some alternative financing methods you may not have thought of:

  • Access capital – use funds where you need it most
  • Instantly compare loans – choose the right funder for your business
  • Fast & easy application – apply on any device instantly
  • Tailored to you – funding you need on your terms
  • Funding without limits – do what needs to be done, fast
  • Support every step of the way – we care about your business

Compare Funding Options And Save

We make business financing simple. Shop funding options from over 40 lenders and find financing that actually fits your business needs quickly and easily.

Access Capital

Easy application and fast funding in a matter of hours. We provide flexible alternatives to traditional lending and applying will not impact your personal credit score.

Pay Off Debt

Pay off debt for less than owed and consolidate repayments into one low monthly payment. We’ve got everything you need to pay off your debt securely so you can get back to business.

Achieve Goals

The right business finance partner can help you capitalize on the financial opportunities of today. We pride ourselves on being real, thoughtful and compassionate loan advisers.


Pay Off Debt, Secure Your Future

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Client Feedback

Not your typical broker. I had good vibes from the moment I got in touch with my processor. Being new to this, they had set my expectations accordingly. So instead of doing a credit line or an up front loan, they were able to use some of my equipment to process some remarkable terms. Signed pretty fast, i believe my accountant sent in full financials for the year too. Point of the matter is that if you are confident in your ability to repay , there is no reason why you should pay double in fees.
Thomas G.
23:43 09 Jan 20
Fast funding process. They dont shop unless you want them to.
Brenda R.
17:57 09 Jan 20
Very happy with my credit line, you did it so fast, I am amazed
Tiffany P.
04:21 07 Jan 20
I have called Thursday trying to get additional funding for my business. I came to them with 65k in balances and three other lenders on board. I was not expected to get a buy out offer the following day. This is very exciting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Instead of spreading myself thin, I am consolidating. The process was so easy and straightforward to get the rest of the docs in, just make sure you have your balances and pay off letters handy because those are an absolute must! They really work work well with you and I am more than pleased to recommend.
Danny S.
01:29 05 Jan 20
Prime rate money. They did it 100% in house, with two positions less and terms extended 5 months, I saved thousands and got more time to pay. It does not get better than this, thought I’d share my positive experience.
Anthony M.
00:28 05 Jan 20
Good money, everything is black and white. Fees waved yet again, second time around here, renewed on better terms as promised.
Donna W.
00:26 05 Jan 20
Line of credit for 80k in one day 😃 wow you guys have made my year! Thank you and it is my great pleasure to leave you this review. Thank you for everything!
Eduard K.
00:03 05 Jan 20
My underwriter was an absolute best! 😇😇😇😇 we have worked so fast to get everything in before closing time, and when the last minute there was a problem with bank verification, he worked overtime and after hours pushed it through!!!!!!! We had the money first thing in the morning in our account.
Jenny C.
23:48 04 Jan 20
Hello, I wanted to share that cash advance of Manhattan is the right business funding partner for you, whether you are looking for something immediate and short term, to structuring large collateral-backed deals upward of 5 million. With over 50 banks in their network, this company delivers strictly to businesses and it get’s the job done right and on time!
Robert S.
23:17 04 Jan 20
WOW 😍😍😍 FAST DELIVERY, Legit and friendly
Ronald C.
23:44 21 Nov 19
Capital when you need it most. Some one said it on the phone and it stuck to me. When my billing team walked out on me and I had 100k+ IRS bills, I got emergency capital fast and without a single headache.
Steve G.
13:35 07 Oct 19
Got a steal for a deal. Funded in about 4 days from the time I sent an app in, 1 of which were my procrastinations. Will do business here in the future.
Zach K.
18:49 02 Oct 19
We had no choice but to get the third position this time. Our prior lenders did us no good, we are going for full consolidation this time, benefits speak for themselves.
Sonia S.
01:26 02 Oct 19
I will be a returning customer. Thanks man.
Danny G
23:32 01 Oct 19
What I realIzed is that you don’t need a big name by your side, but a trustworthy one.
Brian A.
23:09 30 Sep 19
Very happy with the way things turned out. Thank you BCA!
Mike R.
20:01 30 Sep 19
Very glad I gave Business Cash Advance a call 😍
Michelle R.
01:07 30 Sep 19
Had no idea what MCA was but I needed it and I needed it fast. I learned a lot from this place and will keep these guys in my contacts.
Ronald K.
20:01 29 Sep 19
It was very pleasant to find out that this is a direct lender. They were able to satisfy my funding needs on the terms I needed, the application was very fast, funds were delivered on time, no unexpected fees. I will be considering collateralized options in the future.
Michael J.
15:54 29 Sep 19
I’ve worked with Alex several times in regards to my business needs. Each time, my experience was the most easiest ever. I did the application online, before they they did anything, Alex reached out and explained the entire process. I received my confirmation email and the next morning we were talking numbers. I waited one more day, during which time several more offers came in. It was pleasant to know that multiple lenders were competing for my file! I am a return customer and I enjoyed working with Alex every time. Thank you for your professionalism and always expediting things.
Traci B.
15:29 29 Sep 19
Aleksey is absolutely amazing and actually wants to help you out. You can hear he always answers with a smile, very efficient and fast. We were in the market for something in the 12-14 month range when we came across one of his emails. After the first call, we knew we had our guy. At the time we had two positions, both of which got taken care of with a discount, in less than a month we had first position money with much less of a markup we were already used to. Thank you for putting our business on the right track.
Sandra G.
01:11 28 Sep 19
Christina M.
21:42 27 Sep 19
Great company, great people, great environment.
Timothy W.
23:03 25 Sep 19
When we needed more options for the table, Larry delivered without hesitation.
John Carl Eli I.
22:56 25 Sep 19
Fast and simple money. Straightforward people, what I like about this place.
Roger P.
22:38 25 Sep 19
Hands down best B2B financier in this area, if you are looking to push a small to medium sized deal through, they will use their lender engagement to work out something typically more favorable than you would get from same sources directly. On another note, one of my friends worked out an exceptional collateral option with the same firm.
Bassam B.
22:16 23 Sep 19
Thank you for being the guiding light in my difficult financial situation
kathy S.
20:15 19 Sep 19
I got approved for 25,000 same day that I applied the paperwork was straightforward the numbers were black on white funding cool happened very fast I got the renewal eligibility notice only about 20 days into my loan
Raphael J. H.
15:13 19 Sep 19
Honest and straightforward people. Helped my operations a lot. Will use this fund again in the future when in need.
Justin H.
22:30 18 Sep 19

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loan at Cash Advance of Manhanattan.

Fixed Term Loans

Pay a set amount for a fixed amount of time

From $5K–$2.5M

Rates as low as 9.99% AIR*

Secure Credit Line

Pay only for the amount you actually use

From $2K–$200K

Rates as low as 9.99% AIR*

Asset Lending

Secure large dollar amounts with your assets

From $25K–$5M

Rates as low as 9.99% AIR*


Apply Now for a decission in minutes. Find out exactly what your business is eligible for without a credit pull. Evaluate your business performance and and choose from multiple lender options.


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Advantages to working with NYTG:

Business loans up to $5M

Customized Funding Options

Competitive Rates and Terms

Dedicated Customer Service Experts

Offices Throughout the United States

Our Funding Options Provide Strategic Benefit Over Traditional Business Lending Options

Moby Capital provides business loans & alternative financing up to $5 million. Because we also work with companies in many industries and offer several customized funding options, our team can help most businesses attain necessary funds in as little as one business day. Our streamlined process is designed to secure working capital as soon as possible so our clients can focus on reaching their business goals.

*MobyCap is not working with new/startup companies at this time. We require a business to be operational for at least three years and profitable to explore possible funding offers.

We Provide Fast Business Funding to Companies in Many Industries

The MobyCap team has secured $1 billion+ in small business loans and alternative financing for clients over the last decade. While businesses in every industry encounter the need for working capital, individual needs can vary widely. It is for this reason that MobyCap offers a wide range of options from SBA loans to merchant cash advances. This allows us to leverage the strongest aspects of our clients’ businesses while securing the most beneficial terms for all.

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Our experts have secured $1 billion and counting in funds for our clients over the last decade.