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Your personal credit score is the reflection of your ability in repaying your mortgage, auto loans, or other personal obligations and is typically represented on a scale from 300 to 800. The higher the value the better. A business credit profile reflects how a business owner meets his/her financial business obligations. While there is no universal business credit score, some agencies score different business behaviors to represent creditworthiness.

A bankruptcy in your past doesn’t necessarily prevent you from getting a small business loan, however, it might make it more challenging. Different lenders have different requirements after a bankruptcy is filed, and are unlikely to qualify a borrower within the first two years. NYTG has special programs to qualify businesses or individuals who have filed for bankruptcy. It is also helpful to demonstrate a record of improving credit history following the disposition of a bankruptcy.

If you are applying for SBA funding, chances are you’ll need a business plan. However, most of our programs do not require you to have a business plan.

A line of credit provides a pre-determined capital limit that can be accesses as needed. Unlike traditional term funding, all or part of the line can be accessed at any time up to the pre-determined limit. Interest is only paid upon the amount actually used.

Collateral is any asset or assets, which can be offered by a borrower as security. Should a borrower default, the lender has legal right to take possession of the asset, or assets, to satisfy the amount borrowed. NYTG offers both non-collateralized & asset backed funding options to businesses nationwide.

Soft credit checks, otherwise known as “pulls,” do not affect your credit. Hard pulls help financial institutions to have access to your full credit history. NYTG does not require a hard pull to qualify you for business funding.

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