New York Tribeca Group is a direct lender dedicated to providing business owners with quick access to working capital.

Our business funding process is designed with efficiency in mind. Using a proprietary algorithm, we underwrite businesses to provide the largest amount of capital at the safest terms and rates for the company within hours of receiving the application. Money can be transferred to the business’s bank account in less than 72 hours from the initial application being submitted. Money deposits and debits are done through ACH transfers, allowing for fast funding to meet timely needs. You must have a business bank account to access the working capital.

Why Not A Bank?

As banks take months to give acceptance for loans and piles of paperwork to complete, modern business can’t stay competitive at that speed. Even at that slow pace, over half of all bank loan applications are rejected. At New York Tribeca Group, over 80% of all applications are approved and 86% return to us for their future funding needs. By providing fast cash to companies that wouldn’t otherwise qualify for a bank loan, we are able to serve the underserved market of unfunded business owners with a quick and seamless business funding process.

Business Funding With New York Tribeca Group

The first step in the New York Tribeca Group business funding process is to apply online by filling out our application or by calling us directly. Once we have your basic business information and accounting data, we can give you a free, pre-approval offer and begin finding the best business funding program for your business’s cash flow.

We offer various funding options which range from uncollateralized short term advances to long term loans and SBA loans upwards of $10 million. Our additional programs include consolidations, invoice financing/factoring, long term SBA loans, collateral backed financing, commercial financing, equipment leasing, and more.

Business Funding Programs We Offer

– Equipment Leasing and Financing
– Short Term Funding
– Invoice Financing/Factoring
– Credit Splits
– Buyouts
– Reverse Consolidations
– Merchant Cash Advance
– SBA Loans
– Collateralized or uncollateralized loans

A New York Tribeca Group funding representative will work with you one-on-one throughout the entire business funding process to ensure your company gets the attention it deserves. If you aren’t satisfied with your offer, you can request a real-time reprice. New York Tribeca Group is dedicated to getting your business what it needs to grow and succeed. Whether it’s your first time funding your business or your 100th, our goal is to deliver working capital with complete transparency and understanding of the terms.

Requirements and Terms

– Minimum $25,000 in gross monthly sales
– Minimum 1 year in business
– Must be in the USA
– Must have a business bank account
– Offers from $5,000 to $10,000,000
– 3 month to 10 year terms
– Repayment adjusts with cash flow

Since 2011, we have been providing funding for small businesses across the country. Our company leaders come from various finance backgrounds with more than 40 years of combined business funding experience. New York Tribeca Group has experience working with nearly every industry and can personalize a funding plan to the specific needs of your business’s industry and cash flow.

New York Tribeca Group offers uncollateralized funding, which means your business won’t need to put up any assets as security when taking on funding. This is especially useful for business owners who don’t necessarily have any assets to secure a loan with. Seasonal business owners also find this uncollateralized business funding program to be ideal.

Industries We Fund:

– Manufacturing financing
– Medical financing
– Retail financing
– Transportation financing
– Pharmacy financing
– Construction financing
– Commercial aircraft Financing
– Restaurant financing
– And more! Don’t see your industry? Apply now and see how we can help!

There are some restricted industries that New York Tribeca Group cannot fund for either legal, ethical or risk reasons. See here for our restricted industries. While we love to help everyone, there may be industries not on this list that we cannot fund.

Common Funding Uses:

– Invest in growth opportunities
– Cover an emergency
– Payroll gaps
– Equipment repairs and replacements
– Seasonal needs
– Increase inventory
– Expand product line
– Staff hires
– Remodeling and expansion
– Marketing
– Compete for bigger contracts

New York Tribeca Group’s business funding process may differ by industry and intended use depending on factors such as fluctuating monthly gross sales or number of monthly deposits. Whatever situation you may find your business in, we hope to make finding funding to finance it one less problem on your plate to worry about.

We’re growth focused and success driven, just like you. After partnering with New York Tribeca Group, you’ll have a long-term partner for your short-term funding needs. Opportunity or emergency can arise at any moment. It’s best to be prepared and have a fast funding source ready to fund your small business.

If you still have any questions about how our business funding process works, please feel free to reach out to us directly. Note: we do not do personal loans, only small business funding programs.